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Sign up for free investor access. Once you receive confirmation that you’ve registered and are now one of our accredited investors, we will start sending investment opportunities directly to you.

Sign our standard NDA. This ensures that all confidential information related to investment opportunities will not be disclosed or improperly used.

Identify the company that interests you. When you decided to invest, you will enter into a Subscription Agreement. Once approved, transfer your chosen amount and a unit certificate will be issued to you.

Tactico’s principals are committed to investing a minimum of 10% of capital invested in each deal. Each deal typically ranges between $0.5M and $3M total capital invested.

Every time we invest in a new company, you will be notified by email and given the opportunity to invest alongside us.

You will receive a term sheet relating to the investment opportunity, as well as a company tearsheet which includes:

  • Highlights of the investment opportunity
  • An outline of the business model
  • The organizational chart

You will also receive access to the relevant legal documentation and agreements. If you have any hesitations or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Each investment is done on a case-by-case basis; although, the average deal closes in 20 days. For efficiency and ease, we recommend that you let us know you’re interested as soon as possible.

Each investment is done on a deal by deal basis. It can be as low as $10K and as much as is available after the Tactico invested portion.

You can invest in Tactico’s portfolio companies personally, or through an entity if you qualify as an accredited investor in accordance with applicable securities regulations. Please see National Instrument 45-106 – Prospectus Exemption (“NI 45-106”) for detailed definition.
In short, you may qualify as a Canadian accredited investor if you meet at least ONE of the criteria below:

Income: Your net income before taxes exceeded $200,000 in both of the last two years, and you expect to maintain at least the same level of income this year; or your net income before taxes, combined with that of a spouse, exceeded $300,000 in both of the last two years and you
expect to maintain at least the same level income this year.


Financial Assets

You alone or together with a spouse, beneficially own financial assets having an aggregate realizable value that exceeds $1 000 000, before taxes but net of any related liabilities.


Net Assets

You, who alone or together with a spouse, has net assets of at least $5,000,000


Other Criteria

You currently are, or once was, a registered advisor or dealer, other than a limited market dealer.

Still not sure if you qualify? We will send you a short form followed by your investor login credentials once vetted and approved.

Every time Tactico invests in a new portfolio company, we create a special purpose vehicle. Our network of accredited investors can invest in exchange for ownership, which then invests in a target company.

The manager of the SPV, Tactico Inc., charges a small management fee or simply bills time and materials for its costs in setting up the SPV and representing the investors interests. Typically, this is no more than 1% per year in the first 2 years. . Each SPV raises slightly more than the investment amount as a reserve
to cover costs associated with operating the SPV. Any monies remaining in the reserve will be distributed to the SPV investors.

Tactico also receives a “carried interest” that varies from investment to investment (typically 20% or lower), which is a share of the profits of the SPV in excess of the capital invested. Investors get their invested capital back first, sometimes through a cumulative dividend, before any a carried interest is paid to Tactico.

Tactico’s targets are to make 3 to 6 investments per year. Investment frequency is dependent on the deal flow and identification of acceptable investors.

Our current exit strategies average a 4-year horizon and we have held investment as long as 10 years but this is on a deal by deal basis—the industry average is 7-10 years. There are no guarantees relating to exits from an investment.

Tactico acts as lead investor, designates board seat candidates where relevant, monitors the investment and helps with investment success. This usually means our investors get better visibility, better outcomes in times of adversity, and better valuations upon exit.

As with most investments, returns are not guaranteed. Even though we only invest in emerging firms with high growth potential, venture financing is considered a high-risk investment. Honesty and transparency are essential when you sign up for Tactico. Do not invest any money that you cannot afford to lose.

Tactico will deliver regular management reports to investors, which allows them to track the company’s progress.

Tactico’s initial negotiation for the terms of investment ensures that the SPV has protective and pre-emptive protections, which allows them to participate in a follow-up round of investment.

Therefore, if Tactico participates in a follow-up round, then you, as an investor, will have the opportunity to invest additional capital before any new investor.

Tactico Inc. will, through a Limited Partnership, source and manage high-yielding debt investments in diversified early and growth stage Canadian and US companies, targeting markets and business models that are core to Tactico’s expertise. The purpose of the Tactico TSF 10-20 Investment LP is to provide attractive and expertly risk-managed monthly distributions to investors.

Tactico’s track record with debt investments has been successful with numerous deals over 12 years with no loan losses and yields of between 12-16%. The target returns of the fund are 10% per annum net of fees. Distributions will be paid monthly.

The fees are 2% per annum, and a 20% carry on returns above a 12% hurdle.

Tactico is investing $1 million CAD and may invest further as the fund grows.

The minimum commitment for investors is $100K CAD.

The total size of the fund will be between $20-40 million CAD.

Redemptions are available on a quarterly basis subject to available liquidity. A written notice from the investor will be required 30 days prior to redemption.

LP/GP structure flows through interest, dividends and capital gains. We plan on investing in debt and preferred share structures primarily so distributions will be comprised mostly of interest and dividends. However, there will be investments that will include equity kickers which may result in capital gains. The fund is open and will be accepting new subscriptions on a quarterly basis.


A Net Asset Value (NAV) is set on a monthly basis where the value is decided by Tactico following the occurrence of a major event.

Tactico will deliver regular management reports to investors, which allows them to track the company’s progress. Tactico has an exceptional history of regular and transparent reporting with our dedicated clients.

Tactico will invest in your business and provide you with the guidance and experience to help grow your enterprise. In addition to capital infusion, our principals take an active role in the company. This includes:

sourcing additional financing; developing strategic positioning; and deal with operational issues. A Tactico principal typically has a presence on the Board of Directors and works closely with the CEO. We offer experience and guidance that comes with our proven track record of helping management teams

Tactico specializes in Fintech, Financial Services, Technology and SaaS businesses. That said, our expertise does expand into other industries and we are open to opportunity. If you think your company offers unique growth potential, contact us!

Tactico mainly invests in Start-ups through to Series A. We see value in growing with the company—investing when it’s young so we can help promote its path to success.

On average, our investments range between $0.5M to $5M.

Yes. Tactico has made offshore investments in the past, typically in the United States.

We review your company’s corporate presentation or deck. We also appreciate receiving any additional information, which may not be included in the deck. This could include:

  • Management Biographies
  • Organizational chart (including affiliates)
  • Current capitalisation table
  • Detailed financial statements
  • Projected financial model

Following the review of materials provided, we then set up a meeting with the visionaries and/or managing team. Based on the information collected and our meeting(s), a term sheet is presented and agreed upon. We are then ready to start a successful partnership!

Sensitive company information is never shared unless it is approved by you. All potential investors are also required to enter into non-disclosure agreements.

Tactico are principals recognized and respected in the industry. A reference from one of our networks can expedite the investment process. We are always happy to make new friends. Please get in touch by using the contact us form.